Combine TCX or GPX files into one with Merge Activities

Combine TCX or GPX files into one with Merge Activities

If you need to combine 2 or more activities from your GPS device into one, follow this guide.

It may happen that your Garmin or any other GPS tracking device looses signal, bugs or needs to restart during a run or a ride. You end with 2 or more workouts for this single activity, and you would want to be able to combine them into a single activity. This happens to me now and then, not because of a bug, rather because I stop for a picnic break in the middle of a ride. In such a moment, the [easyazon_link identifier= »B016PAPI3W » locale= »US »]Garmin Forerunner[/easyazon_link] would enter in sleep mode and stop the activity, then I start a new one when I jump on the bike again. When I am back home, I want to combine those 2 parts to have a full ride. That’s why I developed Merge Activities.

Merge Activities

The process to combine 2 or more TCX or GPX files is quite easy for someone with a bit of computer knowledge. It is just the matter of cutting, copying and pasting the right parts of XML files. But it can be tedious and time consuming, that’s why I wrote this small script that you can use at this URL:


Don’t hesitate to try it and tell me what you think about it in the comments below. Remarks, suggestions or a simple hello are always welcome!

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